Success guaranteed!

LAOUDIS FOODS (LAOUDIS BROS SA) officially distributes in Greek market quality confectionery, bakery and ice cream raw materials from 17 reputable suppliers-producers, exclusively from European countries with a long tradition in the object (Italy, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium etc.) like MEC3, IRCA, IREKS, ALCAS, SILIKOMART, DOBLA etc.

With a complete product range with over 2,200 different codes can be the main supplier of every professional confectioner, baker and gelato maker, for that he needed: from ready-made pastry mixes, baking mixes, couverture chocolates, coatings, butter, animal and vegetable creams, milk, improvers, sourdough, bases, ice cream, silicone molds, decorative chocolate and packaging (trays, bowls, spoons etc.).

LAOUDIS FOODS customer list includes more than 3,500 enterprises (bakeries, cake shops, gelaterias, industries, etc.) throughout Greece, directly or through exclusive local dealers and subsidiaries! The services of the company covered by the strict European standards, ISO 9001: 2008 (quality management system) and ISO 22000: 2005 (Food Safety System).

Furthermore, through the services of Innovation & Training Center, the technical center of Laoudis Foods, thousands of industry professionals have the opportunity to be educated, on an annual basis, by distinguished ) guest Chefs (MOF and Master Bakers) from abroad and the experienced Technical Consultants of the company in the many presentations-seminars organized by Laoudis Foods in Athens, Thessaloniki, Heraklion Crete and other major cities of Greece in interesting products per period (Christmas, Easter etc). Additionally, technical demonstrations tailored to customer needs, promotions in stores, free delivery of advertising materials and packaging for the new products and continuous online information through the corporate website LAOUDIS.GR are just some of the many benefits of the co-operation with Laoudis Foods.

The aim of the company is "every professional who works with Laoudis Foods to be able to stand out from its competitors and offer to final consumers, a qualitatively excellent and separately tasty final product which will make them to come back again and again, only in his own shop, to purchase it! So, the cooperation with LAOUDIS FOODS, the reliable supplier which is offering a comprehensive package of products and support services for more than 30 years, is a unique and absolute guarantee of success!