Since 1961 αs part of our contribution to improve the quality of life we created and staffed a human-centered and client-centered company named Manager’s Office which deals with company’s development exclusively and strictly in application level.
Due to applied Marketing & Management and not only to advisory one Manager's Office operates as one of the most developing consultant company in global market and aims to create an added value for its clients and their executives keeping in mind the win-win situation. During the last years it proposes the model of investing to the best Organization and Function of the company through specific procedures and development of Human Resources.

Many years now, Manager’s Office created novelties and models of development and business administration, which were applied in many markets and hundreds of companies, having as top model the PSS-M:

  • Procedures (structure of processing)
  • Software (automation for compliance procedures)
  • Staff (developing staff with a mood of goodwill and consistency in application)
  • Management (recommended management with only purpose the implementation of procedures (P) with a full adjustment to the personnel’s personality (S) (strong management and acceptance of instructions (S)) for their manifestation as well as corrective actions to proposed management and strategy.

Based on the specialized and multilevel training at the top educational institutions of USA and Europe and the long experience of our executives in the field of Marketing-Management, we offer, on a wild range of activities, our services to the public and private sector reaching ‘’zero mistake’’.
Our activities cover a complete range of only applied services to address operational issues by usually large and medium level developing companies. Our services are presented with specialized methods and include planning and implementation having as main target quality, consistency and claim of strategic partnership. Our proposals are not theoretical but practical and useful within the capabilities of any client. Our code of ethics focuses on strengthening the client’s position by taking the right decisions for the improvement and implementation of the strategic planning. Our philosophy is not only to work for our clients but collaborate with them.
Our intention is the fully understanding of our client’s business place, the close cooperation with him and the right guidance. Our goal is to execute through our top quality Services in global market.