ARTOZYMA 2016, huge comeback 

The dynamic comeback of the international fair for bakery, confectionery, machinery, raw materials, equipment and ready-made products, ‘ARTOZYMA’ – last held in 2010 – responds to the increased needs of domestic bakery and confectionery companies, in order for them to create channels of cooperation with the neighboring Balkan countries. The selection of the city of Thessaloniki for the organization of the fair, on the one hand makes the access for the Balkan countries easier and on the other, enhance the dynamics of the fair as it is a city of great history in producing bakery products such as the famous koulouri (sesame bun) and bougatsa (filled puff pastry).

The 2016 event will include a particularly dynamic program for inviting and hosting trade visitors from the broader region of SE Europe and group delegations of trade visitors, with special emphasis on the Balkan countries, covering the need for building partnerships and commercial contacts, with pre-arranged B2B meetings.​

The fair will be accompanied by a number of parallel events held in cooperation with the Hellenic Federation of Bakers and important international organizations, aiming at attracting specialized visitors from Greece and abroad and promoting the fair worldwide. The targeted marketing – promotion actions in target-countries will play an important role, ensuring that visitors will have a purely commercial interest and safeguarding the commercial nature of the fair.

The 7th ARTOZYMA will be held concurrently with the ‘DETROP BOUTIQUE’ International Exhibition of Food, Beverages, Machinery, Equipment & Packaging from 26 to 29 February 2016 at Thessaloniki International Exhibition and Congress Center. To conclude with, ARTOZYMA will be held under the auspices of the Hellenic Federation of Bakers and with the support of the Thessaloniki Bakers’ Union and the Thessaloniki Guild of Shop Owners and Confectioners.