2nd National Bread Contest

During the 7th Artozyma, the 2nd National Bread Contest has been scheduled. The event was first held in 2010 in Thessaloniki. The idea is based on similar events held abroad during which the bakers work together in harmony, create and present their ideas to the public.

Aiming at bringing together this whole collective creativity which could mean the beginning of inspiration forming an educative workshop in order to give prominence to the art of making bread, Artozyma holds the 2nd National Bread Contest as the top parallel event.

After the quite successful first organization in 2010, this year the standards become even higher supporting the companies of the sector and helping them to promote the Greek products abroad in such financially difficult period.

The organization of the National Bread Contest aims at:

  • Promoting and upgrading “the art of dough in Greece, via a contest of making bread” as it is addressed to professionals and younger bakers
  • Exploring, detecting and presenting the traditional and modern perspectives of creating baked products.
  • Giving prominence, promoting and awarding the results derived from the professional rivalry of the contestants.
  • Creating a point of reference and knowledge, node of communication and learning for younger and older bakers, future bakers, suppliers and traders.
  • The formation of a National Bakery Team aiming at taking part in international contests during similar bakery fairs, so as for the Greek bread varieties and types to be distinguished.
  • Establishing an organization of national – and beyond that - level which will be a source of creation for new trends, contribute to the professional progress of the sector and constitute a corporate testament for the future generations of bakers in Greece.