4th Pan-Hellenic Bread Championship

The 4th Pan-Hellenic Bread Championship will be held during the 9th Artozyma. The event was first held in 2010 in Thessaloniki and the concept is based on similar events held abroad, where bakers cooperate with enthusiasm, create and present their ideas, sharing them with the public.


The goals of the Pan-Hellenic Bread Championship are:

  • To promote and upgrade the art of ‘dough and kneading’ in Greece through a competition that addresses professional and apprentice bakers.
  • To explore, identify and present the traditional and modern capabilities of creative baking.
  • To showcase, promote and reward the results of the contestants’ professional competitiveness.
  • To create a point of reference and knowledge, a hub of communication and learning for “young”, “old” and future bakers, suppliers and traders of the industry.
  • To create a second National Baking Team in order to participate in international competitions during similar bakery exhibitions in order to showcase the varieties and types of Greek bread.
  • To establish an event of a national - or even international - level that constitutes a source of creativity for new trends, that contributes to the professional growth of the industry and that serves as a ‘guild trust’ for future generations of Greek bakers.

Visit the web page of the Pan-Hellenic Bread Championship herehttp://breadcup.gr/